A POV Tour of South Pole Station

For those of you that were curious as to what the guts of the Amundsen Scott South Pole Station look like, here is how I see it.


Where I sleep. Or try to with sunlight streaming in my window 24/7.


Where I launder my unmentionables… smells less like Chinese take out than Washland in Hell’s Kitchen, NY.


Where I work 10 hours a day, 6 days a week.


What I see when I look out the window where I work. See those little flags? That’s the South Pole. For real.


Where I go when I get altitude sickness because the station is perched on 2 miles of ice.


Where I’m about to go sledding on the lunch tray I just stole from the galley.


Where I hone my poolsharking abilities. JK. Where I throw darts at books till I find something to read.


Where other folks do super fancy sciencey stuff that I really don’t understand. I’m just here to make breakfast.


Where we attempt to communicate with extraterrestrials. Or announce to the station what’s for lunch.


Where I get swole.


What I see when I come inside from -40 degree temperatures… stay tuned for what lies outside the station.


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