#TBT Dessert Edition

So, I get bored down here at the South Pole sometimes, and to keep myself entertained I try to come up with creative desserts and even more creative ways to sell them to the population… here are a few of my favorite.P1020109 P1020099

Cut brownies into rounds, slather with strawberry jelly and yellow vanilla frosting and sandwich between two Nilla wafers sprinkled with sesame seeds and BAM! you have tiny desert sliders. And people love tiny foods.

P1020084 P1020085

I happened to be at the South Pole when I found out Hostess was closing it’s doors so I went through a wicked nostalgic baking phase and made huge versions of my favorite desserts, because as it turns out, people also like giant foods.


I took a few baking and pastry classes in culinary school and one of the few dessert recipes that has stuck with me is the one for pate a choux, from which one makes cream puffs… but I tried to butch them up a bit with this sign.


One of my favorite books growing up was Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco, which inspired this dessert.


By this point in the winter I was what they call “toasty” which is a nice way of saying “batshit crazy” which is probably why I thought the following sign was hilarious… But I am still quite impressed with my petite veggie piping job.P1010804P1010807

Stay tuned for more food/recipes from the South Pole!


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