I Sing a Song about the South Pole for Ms Granger’s Class in Forty Fort, PA

Thanks for your questions guys and gals!


My name is Jase Grimm and I work at the South Pole.

You asked me some questions so I’ll tell you what I know.

Is it colder than last year at the bottom of the world.

It’s colder by 10 degrees, it didn’t even hit zero.

You asked, “how are the penguins,” but sadly I don’t know.

I live way too far in land and they live near McMurdo

Why are there scientists here? It does seem rather strange.

But it’s a good place to study the big bang and climate change.

You asked how many castles could fit in all this ice,

at least 50 Disney Worlds and all of Cinderella’s mice.

How strong is the wind that blows on the that plateau?

You can see for yourself, I’ll let you look out the window.

You asked if I’m like a whale and if I eat my krill.

But it’d take more than 20 pounds of them to get my fill.

My food comes from a warehouse, not from the ocean.

We grow some in the greenhouse, but the rest we keep frozen.

It’s seventeen degrees below while I sing my song.

But it’ll be below 100 all the winter long.

It took 24 hours to fly from home to New Zealand,

and another 12 hours to the middle of the continent.

You asked me how long I’ll work as a lunch lady down here,

This time just 3 months but last time I stayed a year!

During the summer we’re 150 strong,

but during the winter only 50 stay so long.

I regret to inform you I can’t see your flag from here,

but I know the penguins are sure glad to have it near.

Well thanks for your questions, feel free to ask some more.

I hope my answers were sufficient for you folks in Forty Fort,


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