Creativity at the South Pole


Somehow, all of the coolest, most creative people in the world ended up with jobs at the South Pole. It’s as if talent molecules have a stronger magnetic field and are thusly sucked to the bottom of the world to live, work and play. Every Monday 4 or 5 of us polies get together and have Creativity/songwriting group where we share paintings we’ve done, songs we’ve written or Muppet Musicals that we’ve co-written/directed/starred in (the finale of which is pictured above.)


This is Mr Oats. He was conceived after our all star baker Jennifer Toce created an M&M laced fudgy oat bar and needed an illustration to advertise their deliciousness. He since has gone on many adventures and introduces the desserts at lunch and dinner. One of the perks of being at the South Pole is instead of commuting, buying groceries or other such mundane real world tasks, I get to go to the craft room and paint intimate portraits of Mr Oats.


The two folks in the pictures sandwiching this paragraph are my idols at the South Pole. Above is Keri Nelson, who’s official title is something like Retail/Rec coordinator, but should be songstress extraordinaire. She (along with Joey Cappocia below) created creativity group. They are the folks that inspired me to start writing music. Ever since my brother, Trevor, who was an amazing songwriter/musician passed away, I’ve had the itch to make music but I didn’t quite know how to go about it till I met these two. I can’t shake the feeling, every Monday in the quiet reading room that the cool kids are letting me hang out with them, and I couldn’t be more honored.


Mr Capoccia dreamed up the idea of having an acoustic musical celebration out in the smoking lounge, affectionately known as “The Slump.” So he drags a PA and mic stands and the station’s trusty (and nearly indestructible) fiberglass guitar out in a sled and we proceed to tear it up for a few hours. There’s a story behind the song with which I ended my set last Saturday at Slump: Unplugged. It’s called Vanna White. I was sitting at lunch with a couple of beaker (aka scientist) buddies and mentioned the cooking webseries I co-host, The Curious Cook, and Caroline immediately responded with, “I wanna be your Vanna White!” And I was struck by inspiration and had to write a song about it, which is here.

Not only is the South Pole the coolest place in the world (pun SOOOOO intended) but it attracts some of the coolest folks in the world too. I have time to be creative and express myself and there are a tons of people who want to get in on the action too. So if you’re feeling up for an adventure, and want to get your creative juices flowing, consider checking out the Antarctic Service Contract job site and visiting me down here at the bottom of the world.

2 thoughts on “Creativity at the South Pole

  1. Hi, and greetings to you all at the South Pole. Lucky you. Because, well, first apparently you are the most creative people in the world. And second, well, I never got to be part of your club, so like the cool kids in school, I’m going to admire you by default. (Isn’t that how it goes?) I applied for the job of Radio Operator at the South Pole and interviewed but I did not get the job. I have always just accepted the reason: oh, the guy who did it the previous year was rehired. But now… hmm… maybe I’m not creative enough? (It was many many years ago.) Anyway, hello anyway. Your mother told me that my book “My Family and Other Hazards” made it down to the Pole even if I didn’t. I don’t know if that’s true, but it sounds cool (pun intended).


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