Who am I?


I’m Jase Grimm. I’m a cook by trade, and adventurer by choice and an uncommon fruit by good fortune. I’m California born, Iowa raised and corn fed and I received my Associates in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago in 2008 and have been cooking my way around the globe ever since. I specialize in simple, wholesome New American cuisine with an emphasis on using local, seasonal and sustainably produced ingredients. When I’m out of the kitchen you can find me in the woods, on a beach or on a farm. I most recently resided in New York and made a living catering, whilst trying to act/model as well as co-host The Curious Cook Series with the lovely Athena Reich. My next adventure, and the inspiration for this blog, is taking back to Antarctica. I’ll be sharing my food/travel pictures, stories, reactions and humorous musings here and on my personal site Uncommon Fruit  I might also play the ukulele. Just sayin.

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi Jase – what a treasure to have Mort send me your link. I love to read everything and have several times already. I look everyday for new news.


    • Nice Blog here Jase. You are always super friendly when I see you on the Island. And the most handsome guy of 2015, its an annual award I give to someone. (in my head), and this year its you. So on my next and final trip out to the beach, in 2 weeks,Im going to surprise my house and use one of your recipes. I say surprise because we have 2 chefs in there who knock out amazing dishes, and the rest of us are too scared to try to step up and compete. Actually they are all nice guys (yes nice guys in the Pines!) and would be glad to try something I made. I may need to hit you up for an emergency consultation! Dont forget if you are even in Manhattan, Im the piano man at one of the best cabaret night spots, The Duplex Piano Ba
      r. My nights are Monday and Thursday. Bring your uke!!


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